Ethereum Deposits Accepted
Great news to everyone! We are now ready to accept Ethereum as an accepted payment method on our website. All Ethereum deposits are instantly added after 6 confirmations. Many of you have requested this method to be added a long time ago and now we are ready.

The price of Bitcoin and Ethereum are both going up and again great great news for us all.

We are in discussion with a buyer who wants to purchase one of our overseas mining operations which should be the gateway for us to start a new operation in a more sustainable location. One that will be easier to manage. A win-win situation for us at Kirkland and Felt.

Reminder: Double check your security settings for maximum account safety.
Nov-17-2017 05:03:04 AM
Server Migration Notice
Good day to all of our users. We would like to inform everyone in advance that during the day, our website might go down for a couple of hours due to our server migration. Our website has been receiving a lot of traffic lately and an upgrade was much needed.

Our IT department suggested that we switch to a more powerful server and we obliged. We are moving our website to a new datacenter where DDOS protection is a standard service offered. The move will be seamless and will not be noticeable to everyone. A downtime might be experienced by some users from other parts of the world due to their ISPs needing a DNS refresh. A service which every ISP does regularly anyway.

Let us know by contacting us directly at if you encounter problems beyond the reasons above. Cheers!
Nov-11-2017 01:10:05 PM
Happy Halloween
Happy halloween to all of our dear investors and supporters. We wish everyone a spooky day, filled with fun with family and friends. We are here for you even on holidays, so you can still deposit, withdraw or contact us.

All services are rendered just like an ordinary day even on holidays at .

We have a dedicated team who handles our operations during holidays. Our service to our clients is basically 24/7. Cheers!
Oct-31-2017 12:04:41 PM
Bitcoin Price Still Going Up
An upward trend in Bitcoin price and with other altcoins is evident. The current price is almost double since our last update bordering on new $6,000 as of time of writing. It really seems to be an upward trend until the end of this year.

This is good news for us and for you, as we have basically made a huge chunk of profit from our trades because of this upward price swing.

Oct-15-2017 01:02:22 PM
Delay in Processing Withdrawals
We would like to apologize with the delays in processing withdrawal requests over the past 24 hours. This was heavily due to the very high transaction fees for Bitcoin. Even if the high fees were set, we would have been fine with processing withdrawals, however, Bitcoin blockchain has been acting up lately rendering some deposits missing from our user accounts.

This has been resolved now and the operations is back to normal. All backlog of withdrawals have been processed and everyone has been notified through e-mail.

Thank you for understanding the situation.
Oct-11-2017 02:08:30 AM
New Design Installed
We would like to thank our users for being patient during the hour as we integrated and uploaded our new website design. We have successfully integrated the new design. We present to you version 2.0 . A fresh new look for our valued customers. Some of our investors have already emailed us and complimented the new design. We understand that in order to stay updated, this redesign was really needed. While the old design was not that bad, this new one, we feel is ten-folds better than it was.

We express our gratitude to our design team for making this happen and thank you to all of our clients and users who stayed patient.

If you have suggestions on how to make this one better, please submit a support ticket.

Thank you and wish you all a pleasant day. Cheers!
Oct-4-2017 06:55:54 AM
Month End Record High
Kirkland and Felt just had the highest deposited amount this September, this could be because of the rising value of Bitcoin and other altcoins or simply because we are gaining much ground that we deserve. Whenever a company provides unmatched service then it is just proper that it garners much attention.

Kirkland & Felt is pleased to announce that we also gathered a good amount of investment with our partners from the offline side of business. Our online operations is of course going to benefit because of this because our operations is as a whole and not segregated from the online and offline business we conduct.

A website redesign by the way is in order and we can't wait to launch it and show our investors the new look of our website. Hang tight and we shall announce the transition to our new design within just a few days.

Please note that the transition may render the site unusable for an hour. Thanks in advance for your patience.
Sep-30-2017 07:38:35 AM
Bitcoin Price Going Up
Today, the price of Bitcoin has gone up 10% at least from being down 7% yesterday. The average price of Bitcoin against the US Dollar today is $3,587. The bullish trend we predicted a couple of months back is at full swing, much like how BTC has been swinging by at least $500 over a short period of time on a day to day basis. Could this be a good sign?

We cannot tell, however, it is a good time to take advantage in trading. Whenever there is a giant swing in value and a boomerang of price every now and then, then it is a good time to trade with higher volume. That is, if you do know what you're doing. We are still advising individual traders to take caution when trading big volumes.

Safe trading to everyone. Good day.
Sep-15-2017 02:13:25 AM
Rebates Promo Ended
Our 10% Rebate Promotion has ended. Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations on your additional deposit bonuses. If you wish to participate in our promos, please check the news everyday to be well informed of our currently ongoing promotions.

Thank you for following our rules and regulations and not taking advantage of our promo by trying to cheat our system. Pleasant day to all.
Sep-14-2017 12:39:41 PM
10% Rebate Promotions
As promised, we have a new promo this week. For a limited number of days (7 days), we are giving away 10% rebate for deposits of at least $500, the deposits must be from your external account wallets and not from your Kirkland & Felt account balance. Rebates can only be claimed once during this promotion, so consolidate your deposits so that you can deposit the minimum amount required.

The 10% rebate shall be added to your active deposit manually by our staff. You do not need to contact our support team to get the rebate credited. However, if 36 hours have passed and your rebate has not been added yet, please contact our support team for assistance.

As a reminder, old and new accounts can participate in this promotion. This promo will only run for 7 days from the time this post has been made and announcement through e-mail has been sent. Thank you.
Sep-7-2017 12:35:17 PM
New Partnership Declined
Kirkland & Felt does not feel bad about rejecting a partnership with a group of Japanese traders when they wanted to modify the way we do business. We are an established company and we do not conduct business with people who wish to control our operations in a major way. Kirkland & Felt is always open to changes but when it feels like a takeover, we reserve the right to reject or decline such offers, regardless of how attractive the terms are.

Our business is not affected in any way with partnerships we decline or accept. Our investors are our priority and we intend to keep our operations hassle-free.

We are sharing this news to everyone to inform you that we are seriously taking matters like this.

A new promotion is coming next week so stay tuned.
Aug-29-2017 03:12:15 AM
Antminer D3, is it Promising?
While the Antminer D3 seems very tempting, please be aware that once majority of these units have been delivered, the difficulty and price of Dash will take a big hit. By this , we mean in a not so very good way. While we can only predict that the value Dash will be inflicted on by this, is a hard hit, the demand and supply law will dictate that buying a D3 miner that will be delivered only after a few months is a bad idea.

We are not in any way trying to damage the sales of Antminer, we just want to warn everyone about the possible losses you may incur and rendering your Antminer D3 into a giant paperweight.

Don't say we didn't warn you about this.

Kirkland & Felt is not buying Antminer D3's. Have a great day everyone.
Aug-15-2017 11:05:57 PM
Bitcoin Price Bullish
The price of Bitcoin is on an upward trend, we are told by our experts that the price is expected to hit close to $20,000 at some point before the year ends. If this is the case then we can almost guarantee a BIG year for 2017. However, please exercise caution when trading by yourself.

Always set a loss limit for your trades. Do not be very aggressive if you cannot afford to lose your portfolio. A bullish market may also turn around and become very bearish. Please be safe with your trades.

A friendly advice, get your portfolio handled by someone with experience, and by this we mean, invest with Kirkland & Felt instead. Marketing pitch aside, you can never go wrong when you're in the right hands.

A good day to everyone.
Aug-13-2017 06:01:26 PM
Another Friendly Reminder
Beware of posers. We do not approach people directly to invest with us. Aside from our normal marketing, we do not do direct contact with investors. Please do not fall for scams. There is a group who is posing as Kirkland & Felt, contacting people via e-mail and asking them to deposit directly to a Bitcoin address that they send with the e-mail, promising too good to be true rates to the naive investors around.

Please contact us if you receive such e-mail from someone who is posing as us. Please be proactive in identifying possible scams. Do not fall victim to this modus. Again, we do not contact people directly to invest with us.

Make sure that you are only depositing via our website and make sure that you are on our website when doing so. Double check the URL if you are in doubt.
Aug-1-2017 07:58:00 AM
Overpriced GPU Plague
Yes, we can already call it a plague. Just as we predicted, the prices of mining equipment has soared from high to insane. We are at least glad that we have purchased a bulk of these equipments before the prices went through the roof. We feel sad for the personal miners who are just starting today, however, we, at Kirkland & Felt, feel that we made the best decision over a month ago. Thank you for keeping business with us.
Jul-26-2017 07:52:52 AM
New Partnership Secured Again
A group of private investors from Australia has invested with Kirkland & Felt, after having been in conversation for a couple of weeks. They are more focused on the trading side of our operations and they are happy to be part of our company.

The partnership expands to a contract of being with us for 18 months from time of agreement. While we cannot disclose the amount of investment they made, we are pleased to inform everyone that the trust we are trying to build with our partners and investors is our priceless asset. Rest assured that we will keep our business operations more exciting for everyone.

If you wish to refer a partner or you want to be a partner, please get in touch with us.
Jun-29-2017 03:49:33 AM
Testimonials Winners!
Thank you for sending in your testimonials. While we appreciate all the submissions, we had to select only 10 to win $100 each. Here is a list of names who won.

1. Joanne Hernandez
2. Timothy G.
3. Olajuwon Bismach
4. Kris Moffat
5. Tina Richardson
6. Marie Sengson
7. Vitaliy Cherkov
8. Red Maddison
9. Peter Pier
10. Kenichi Sakaken

Mr. John Kirkland is also happy to have read your greetings for him. Enjoy your $100 reward.
Jun-26-2017 07:44:10 PM
Happy Birthday Sir John Kirkland!
Today we celebrate the 47th birthday of one of our founding leaders, Mr. John Kirkland. Happy birthday to you sir. During this time, we want to announce that we will be choosing 10 best testimonials from our investors. Please submit your greetings to Mr. Kirkland via our support ticketing system and we will choose 10 who will win $100 cash each, to be added to their balance which they can withdraw or redeposit to a plan.

So be creative and express your thoughts about our company. Let's get those pens ready. Again, happy birthday Sir John.
Jun-24-2017 12:17:03 AM
Ethereum Mining Expansion
Due to the high demand of GPU units, we have decided to purchase a bulk of GPUs for our Ethereum mining operations. We can foresee an insane market over the next couple of months for said units. We are acquiring 520 units of GTX 1070 cards from our supplier from several manufacturers and roughly 240 RX 580 from different brands as well.

We are expanding our Ethereum and Altcoin mining operations all throughout the year for a maximum return of profits before the market gets saturated with miners. By the time the mining industry is swarmed with more miners, our operations should cover a signification amount of hashing power to keep profits flowing without being affected by the rise in difficulty.

Mark our words, a month or two and the market will be swarming with miners, more 10 times the current population of miners around as of time of posting.
Jun-3-2017 07:33:52 PM
Referral Promotions Ending Tomorrow
Just a heads up to everyone who participated in our referral promotions. Please be informed that the promo will end 24 hours from now. To those who couldn't make it to this promo, please watch out for more promotions in the next few months.

We have received word that some users are creating multiple accounts in order to earn more referral commissions from their own new investments. Please refrain from doing this. We have identified the accounts involved and we will be in touch with them shortly. We have decided not to block these accounts but we will just retrieve the referral commissions which were earned illegally by the said users.

Please as a friendly reminder, you may earn good profits with us by following our set of rules properly. We will have more promotions in store for you in the next month or two.

Thank you to our loyal investors for your support. Kirkland & Felt just keeps growing.
Apr-30-2017 09:24:45 PM
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