Energy Efficient Mining


Low cost mining operations with superlative skill and experience in calculated risks when it comes to trading, Kirkland & Felt excels in every aspect of the crypto markets.


Investment Plans

A plethora of just 3 investment options for every type of investment approach.

Bronze Plan


Daily FOR 45 Cal Days
Min. Invest$ 25.00
Max. Invest$ 100000.00

*Zero Brackets

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Silver Plan


Daily FOR 30 Days
Min. Invest$ 10.00
Max. Invest$ 100000.00

*principal returned on maturity
*Zero Brackets

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Gold Plan


AFTER 38 Cal Days
Min. Invest$ 10.00
Max. Invest$ 100000.00

*Zero Brackets

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Why Choose Us?

  • DDoS Protected

    Our website is hosted on a fortified datacenter that is protected from medium to heavy DDOS attacks.
    Security is the number 1 priority.

  • Reputable Managers

    With a diverse portfolio, our 2 lead managers can handle your
    investments confidently without
    transferring the risks to you.

  • Low Cost of Entry

    With our 3 investment plans
    in place, all users will have the
    option to invest conservatively with a minimum of $10.00 only.

  • Multi Payment System

    We accept multiple crypto
    currencies as a method of deposit. This should enable anyone with
    any cryptocurrency to participate.

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Welcome to Kirkland & Felt - Efficient Mining & Trading

Kirkland & Felt is composed of John Kirkland and William Felt, both well experienced in their respective industries. Mr. Kirkland is a proprietor of a Bitcoin mining operation since 2011 in Iceland and Mr. Felt has been in the stock market trading since the mid 1990's. With the industry of trading evolving through the years, his expertise has been put well in good use in the crypto currency trading market since 2016.

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We offer a simple straight-forward referral system, all direct referrals will net you 3% of their investments and 1% for both 2nd and 3rd level referrals.

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