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Kirkland & Felt News Bulletin

In order to get informed, please check this page regularly. This is where we will post updates about our company operations and everything about our Kirklandfelt.com.

Kirkland & Felt APP V1.00 Available posted on Oct-13-2018 06:04:48 PM

Kirkland & Felt APP V1.0 is now available at Google Play. Click this link to download https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.huma.KirklandFelt or search for "kirklandfelt" on Google Play from your mobile phone.

Splash Landing Page Launched posted on Oct-10-2018 07:06:01 PM

You can start using your splash landing page links in referring investors. You may still use your old referral link without any problems. You can preview the splash landing page here https://kirklandfelt.com/splash.php.

Banned IP Addresses posted on Oct-10-2018 10:20:43 AM

We are presenting to you the current list of IP address banned from accessing Kirkland & Felt in perpetuity. The reason being, these IP address have been traced and found to be attempting to login to accounts of our investors. They have never been successful and will never be. Our security features are a 100% way to secure your account.

If you have tried to get your profile edited with the help of our customer support representatives, you would know that the process is very strict and requires you to answer several questions relating to your account. Aside from this, we also check information on our side to make sure that the person requesting for a profile edit is the legitimate owner of the account.

Some of these IP addresses tried to get in touch with our customer support representatives posing as the owners of the accounts on our database but they shall never succeed.

Mobile App Incoming posted on Oct-9-2018 05:21:26 AM

The mobile app for Kirkland & Felt has been submitted on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. We are waiting for approval from these app stores so we can then send you the link to it once it is made available for download already.

This will be a great tool for everyone's convenience.

Advanced Information For Investors posted on Oct-7-2018 06:03:32 PM

Again, we have received hundreds of inquiries from new investors asking whether they could invest again in the same plan they have already invested or to other plans.

We would like to explain this clearly that each deposit or investment made has its own maturity date and therefore, YES, you may add more investments to your current plan or to other plans at any time you wish.

Each transaction will be treated individually and will not affect your current investments in any plan you are currently actively invested in.

May this information be shared by our investors so their friends will know about this. Wish you all a great day ahead.

2 New Plans, New Affiliate Program, Responsive Website posted on Oct-3-2018 03:54:30 PM

The mobile responsive theme for Kirkland & Felt has been installed. This will enable mobile users to have a better experience with our website. Coming soon will be our iOS and Android mobile app.

Come check out the 2 new plans over at our website https://kirklandfelt.com. In addition to our Max Trade Plan which pays 7% daily for 20 business days. We have these new plans:

* High Trade Plan which pays 155% after 28 Calendar Days (Principal Included with returns)
* Mining Plan which pays 1.25% daily for 20 Calendar Days (Principal Returned upon maturity)

All depositors in the previous Short Trade and Regular Mining plans, will continue to earn until their plans reach maturity.

Also take advantage of our newly designed affiliate program which pays up to 3 Levels deep.

1st Level Referrals - 7%
2nd Level Referrals - 2%
3rd Level Referrals - 1%

Thank you for being part of Kirkland & Felt.

Responsive Site Status posted on Oct-2-2018 05:23:26 AM

We are at 95% completion for our responsive website theme. Please be reminded that we will be launching a mobile app after the complete installation of the responsive theme. New features, updated plans, updated affiliate program will be launched together with the responsive theme. We will also have new banners to reflect the updated plans and affiliate program. Start growing your network today.

Correct Login Username posted on Sep-27-2018 07:21:58 PM

Please be reminded that when you log-in into your account at Kirkland & Felt. You are supposed to use your username and not your e-mail address. We regularly analyze the traffic we get on our website and we see hundreds of users unable to log-in to their accounts because they are trying to log-in using their e-mail address instead of their username. Please see below your username, that you should use to login.

Clarification of Earning Days posted on Sep-25-2018 02:03:30 PM

Please be informed and familiarize yourself that our MAX Trade plan, which is our most popular plan only pays earnings during the weekdays. This is from Monday to Friday only. Although if you forget to request your withdrawal on the weekdays, weekends are always open for processing withdrawals. We process withdrawals all week long, including holidays.

Max Trade Plan Details Updated posted on Sep-23-2018 02:19:18 PM

For the information of the genera public and currently active investors in our MAX Trade plan, please be informed that our system has updated the way it displays the number of days when you check your deposits in the MAX Trade Plan.

It will not show that you have 28 days to earn on this plan, but basically the 28 days is in fact 20 business days if you count the weekends. So basically this is just the same and no problem is present with this. This is just an informational display about the plan you deposited on. No changes in earnings or duration of earnings for everyone. I hope this clears the questions about "why max trade plan in my account shows 28 days instead of 20".

Upcoming Splash Landing Page posted on Sep-18-2018 03:22:05 PM

We are in the process of getting a referral landing page, that will include information and highlight details about our company and the program. We will be launching a new referral landing page as soon as the design is completed. Referring downlines to Kirkland & Felt is no longer just a link that directs to our homepage, but it will be more like a billboard advertisement.

This will be very helpful to our affiliates who are marketing our company. Boring days are over.

Newsletter Sent posted on Sep-14-2018 06:28:16 PM

More Monitors posted on Sep-10-2018 08:57:43 PM

We felt like adding more monitors and we are doing so. Please check our monitors page to see more monitors and perhaps leave your feedback about Kirklandfelt.com . Vote / Rate for us on the monitors to gain more exposure.

MAX TRADE PLAN update posted on Sep-10-2018 10:57:05 AM

It seems like our MAX TRADE PLAN is getting a good chunk of attention from investors and interested investors alike. We are happy to see new members signing up everyday. We are planning on making our referral program into a 3 level deep structure. This means that you can start building up your network now and reap the rewards later.

Start referring your friends and colleagues to Kirklandfelt.com and start making a good amount of commissions. Remember that you don't need to make a deposit in order to qualify as an affiliate. You will earn 7% commissions as of now, no matter what your account status is.

Referral Link on Facebook posted on Sep-5-2018 06:20:50 AM

Good news! We were able to get our domain name unblocked and all posts with our domain name kirklandfelt.com and kirklandfelt.net on Facebook have been restored. This is amazing news because you can now start promoting your referral link by using either the kirklandfelt.net or the kirklandfelt.com URLs.

Thank you Facebook for this great work. Although it took awhile, we are grateful that you really did check this matter when we reported it.

Referral Link Update posted on Sep-3-2018 12:52:58 PM

You may now use the domain https://www.kirklandfelt.net for your referral links. This is the link you can use for social media postings to bypass the URL block implemented by the Facebook bots.

You can get your referral link by logging into your account and grabbing your referral link from that page.

MAX TRADE PLAN Launched posted on Sep-1-2018 07:36:01 AM

We have just launched a new plan, the MAX TRADE PLAN which pays 7.00% For 20 Business days. This pays only from Mondays through Fridays. Check the plans list below for more information and get your deposits into this. The minimum amount is $25.00.

This replaces the LONG TRADE PLAN which should still credit all current investors within that plan.

Telegram Official Group posted on Aug-31-2018 04:58:33 PM

We have started an official telegram group for Kirkland & Felt.

Go here and join the group:


Payeer Accepted posted on Aug-29-2018 10:36:12 PM

We have great news to the users of Payeer. We have started to accept Payeer today. You can now deposit Payeer in order to fund your investments. There is no fee for this operation. We are expanding our accepted payment methods regularly so keep yourself updated by always reading the news section.

Revamped Affiliate Program posted on Aug-29-2018 07:54:14 AM

Good news to our avid supporters and industrious marketers! Kirkland & Felt is revamping the affiliate program on our website. We will be rewarding 7% referral commission for direct referrals starting from posting of this news. This is our new permanent referral commission rate. So please start promoting your referral link to gain maximum potential commission.

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