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Frequently asked questions

This is a repository of questions that users may have and the answers for those questions. This page is updated regularly so please look for your question here before contacting us.

  • General Questions
  • Deposit & Withdraw
  • How do I start?

    To begin participating with Kirkland & Felt, you need to create an account on our website. Click here to register.

  • What do I need to register?

    You need a valid e-mail address and valid credentials to register an account with us. You also need to have at least one account in any of our accepted payment methods.

  • Can I register without an upline?

    Indeed. You can register without an upline.

  • Do I need an active deposit to earn commission?

    No, you are not required to have an active deposit in order to earn referral commission. All you need to do is market your referral link and you can start making money without investing.

  • I want to update my E-mail address.

    You can do this by contacting us and requesting us to manually edit your e-mail address. We do not allow editing of e-mail address by yourself in order to ensure your account security. Proof of ownership of the account is required prior to editing your e-mail address on file for you. In fact we do not allow editing of payment information as well, you are only allowed one time to enter your payout information, either on the registration form or on the SETTINGS link on your account. Once this has been filled, you won't be able to edit it, and you will need our assistance to do so.

  • What if I forgot my password?

    We have a password reset facility in place for your to be able to reset your password by yourself. You need to have access to your registered e-mail address to be able to do this successfully.

  • How much is the minimum deposit?

    The minimum deposit is $10.00 for the MINING PLAN and HIGH TRADE PLAN. The MAX TRADE PLAN requires a minimum of $25.00.

  • How is the crypto currency converted to USD?

    The rates we use are the real-time rates of the crypto currencies we accept.

  • What if my deposit was not added instantly?

    If your deposit was not added instantly, please contact support for assistance. Crypto deposits require a specific number of confirmations prior to automatically being added by our system. For Ethereum it is 5 confirmations, for Bitcoin, it is 3 confirmations.

  • When will my first earning be credited?

    Depends on which plan you deposited to. If you deposited in the MAX TRADE PLAN, you get earnings credited every business day, or on mondays through fridays. Weekends are not earning days. If you deposited in the MINING PLAN, your earnings will be credited to your balance after 24 hours from the time stamp of your deposit posting for 20 calendar days. For the High Trade plan, you will need to wait 28 days before your earnings show up in your account balance, which should include your principal and your earnings altogether.

  • When can I withdraw?

    The minimum withdrawal varies per payment type. For Perfectmoney it is $0.20, for Bitcoin it is $5.00 (because of fees practicality) and for the other payment types the minimum is $1.00. We may however procees withdrawals to Bitcoin even if they are below $5.00 if the network fees involved to proceed with a transaction is low at the moment.

  • How long before my withdrawal gets processed?

    Please allow anywhere from 12 to 48 hours for your withdrawal to get processed. We will try to process withdrawals as soon as possible for your convenience, however, sometimes delays are inevitable and we may be required to take a little longer than a few hours to proceed with your payments.

  • I did not get my commission.

    You may contact us for your commission to be added. Provided that you are the actual upline of alleged downline.

What is Kirklandfelt.com?

Kirklandfelt.com is an investment program offered by John Kirkland and William Felt to anyone who wishes to make money withou the hassle and headache of worrying whether your investment will generate profit or loss.

What does Kirklandfelt.com do?

We offer 3 investment plans that entail different investment approach and method. Plans range from crypto currency mining and trading.

Is mining still profitable?

This depends on the location of the mining farms you lease. For Kirklandfelt.com, our mining farms on lease are housed in a location where the main power source is of the alternative green energy type. We have closed a fixed rate deal for our operations.

Do you make money on any market?

Yes, we can generate profit even on bearish market trends. We, however generate a whole lot more when the markets are bullish. We take advantage of the ups and downs of the trading market just like any seasoned trader does.

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