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Our history goes beyond what is written on this page. To learn more, you can contact support and we will personally answer your queries about our company.

Our Company

Our company is spearheaded by our managers Mr. John Kirkland and Mr. William Felt, both managers are experts in their respective fields.

We operate crypto currency mining farms all across the globe. Where there are alternative energy sources, there are Kirkland & Felt operations within the vicinity. Our mining farms are not branded as Kirkland & Felt specifically as our operations are serviced by freelance operators and farm managers.

Mr. Kirkland handles the crypto currency mining operations in general. Our company optimizes profits from mining by ensuring we incur the lowest power consumption costs as possible. Mr. Felt handles the trading operations of our company.

Mr. Felt is a seasoned veteran trader in the stock market and has applied his expertise in the crypto currency trading markets. Kirkland and Felt was formed due to the high demand of offering our services online. Our existing clients have pursued us to offer this service so their friends from all around the globe can invest with us conveniently.

Kirkland & Felt has been in business for about 2 years now, mostly offline.

"Every risk is worth taking as long as it's for a good cause, and contributes to a good life"

We aim to provide the best investment options to everyone. Our variety of accepted deposit options should cater to the majority of crypto currency holders around.

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    Our server is protected by a high level of anti DDOS software and protection provided by a reputable DDOS Protection company.

  • Mining Operations

    We operate crypto currency mining operations which uses green & alternative energy to minimize cost and effect on the environment.

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  • Crypto Trading

    Our trading operations are on the aggressive but safe side. We have a solid track record in crypto trading.

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